GPACT Global Cyber Security Reports

Case Study: Turkey

As PRODAFT team, in the end of 2017, we prepared an annual comprehensive report within our National Cyber Threat Network Platform GPACT in order to provide a general perspective on the reported, acted on or examined cyber threats. 


Our regional approach in our GPACT report has already been recognized as the most efficient cyber intelligence solution many times. As most of the cyber security and cyber fraud threats are regional; positioning our sensors in various Darknet platforms according to the language and adversary profiling of that region have produced immense results for the relevant country.

Therefore we would like to reflect true capabilities of GPACT, based on its performance for a single country: Turkey. Throughout this report, you will find the result of GPACT’s different modules. In order to provide a more figurative approach of GPACT’s performance in the relevant country; 7 specific modules are chosen to be included in this report. 

  • Phishing Threats
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Identity Theft     
  • Corporate E-mail Data Leaks
  • Cyber Attack Threats
  • Cyber Security Vulnerabilities
  • Fake Mobile App Notifications  

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