Are you really ready for a cyber attack?

You can employ a variety of hardware and software solutions to prevent your business from cyber attacks. However, the efficiency of these cyber security tools are always a question mark.

Attackers Have No Rules

Penetration tests are excellent to examine specific parts of your system however, they do not cover all areas. For optimal protection, you need to make sure that you have taken all the necessary precautions.
PRODAFT examines the efficiency of your your existing hardware and software solutions, performs a planned attack simulation and confirm whether you have the right security inverstments for your business.

Attackers Have No Rules
Attackers Have No Rules

PRODAFT ensures that you are constantly ready for the actual attacks with these exercises, allowing you to measure;

  • How ready your security operation teams are,
  • The effectiveness of the equipment supplied,
  • Evaluation of the attack correlation rules and
  • The cyber security awareness of your employees.

Penetration Testing vs Cyber Attack Drills

Penetration Testing and Cyber Attack Drills have a lot in common, however there are some key differences you have to be aware of

Penetration TestingCyber Attack Drill
Detailed web application and service testing
Coordination with the BT/IT team during the test
Evaluation of the test results with the BT/IT team
Testing with different levels of privileges
Unlimited scope (All applications and services of the company)
Determining test start and end date beforehand
Reporting all steps of the cyber attack step by step with a timeline