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Insurance companies have a lot of data that is specific to their customers. Attackers need personal and insurance contracts’ information hosted by insurance agencies for both target-oriented and mass fraud attacks.

Today, due to the increasing numbers of insurance agencies and insufficient awareness of the importance of cyber security, many breaches are detected and victim organizations lose both their money and reputation of brand value among their customers. The enacted law on protection of personal data embarks great responsibility on insurance companies. PRODAFT provides the leading insurance companies various services to ensure that they are ready for any kind of cyber attack from the outside world. With the N.C.T.N’s Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Threat Sharing platform, we prevent the institutions’ potential data leakage before experiencing major losses and protect them.

Solutions we provide for Insurance companies include:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Cyber Attack Drills
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • Code Audit
  • Security Trainings
and can be extended for other requirements.

You can download our Brochure for more information about all of our services.

For more information about Cyber Intelligence and National Cyber Threat Network, you can visit Cyber Intelligence Service.