The needs and requirements for cyber security of public sector institutions are quite different than private sector companies. The world of cyber space changes every day and public institutions may need different products and services from different countries in order to keep up with changes.

Therefore, security of imported products and services becomes even more important for public sector. At PRODAFT, we continuously search for vulnerabilities in the most widely used products in the world and share them with relevant public institutions. With these efforts, we take national security a step further and create awareness around the world.

In today's world cyber attacks are shaped by political factors and become more unpredicted. PRODAFT uses the Cyber Intelligence Platform GPACT, which continuously monitors cyber space of attackers, to predict and stop potential attacks that is likely to take place against the public institutions.

PRODAFT Public Sector Solutions

You will be protected with the most updated services for public institutions at PRODAFT. We will prevent any potential cyber attacks.

  • Penetration Testing
  • Cyber Attack Drills
  • Code Audit
  • Security Trainings