Telecom companies provide services for millions of customers. All services and products provided by the telecom companies are likely to be targeted by cyber attackers.

Because of sensitivity of the data they hold, their whole cyber security infrastructure must be regularly tested. Bear in mind that the telecom companies have become a main target for monitoring and interception activities not only by the cyber attackers but also by related government agencies.

It is therefore telecom companies need proactive solutions rather than traditional cyber security solutions and they need technologies that will enable them to monitor potential attacks in advance. We provide all consulting services for crucial needs of telecom companies.

Public Telecommunication Solutions

You will receive sectoral cyber security solutions for your telecom company. Some of the services provided by our expert team at PRODAFT are listed below.

  • Penetration Testing
  • Cyber Attack Drills
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • Code Audit
  • Security Trainings