• cyberintelligence


    Actionable intelligence for government entities and private organizations.

  • prevent_terorism

    Monitoring Suspicious Behaviour

    Identifying the perpetrators with predictive offender profiling.

  • proactive


    Timely and effective warnings about discovered vulnerabilities and upcoming/expected cyber attack campaigns.

Predictive Offender Profiling

PRODAFT notifies clients about possible attacks that may be targeted on them on a real-time basis by analyzing TTPs of actors continuously.

Suspicious IP Tracking

Our real-time "Suspicious IP Tracking Service" provides a detailed behavior pattern analysis of any IP address which is thought to be suspicious.

Locate criminals and intercept their communication

Tracking criminals relies on the application of technical observation and surveillance. PRODAFT uses state-of-the art methodology to intercept and locate criminal activity.

Q1/2016 Technical Reports

Cyberwarfare Capabilities Of The Countries - 2016

This report contains a detailed description of the most famous hacking groups for each country. Personal information and technical capability of the members are also included in the report.

Wikileaks Uncovered

This report contains technical information about the WikiLeaks project, owners, and whistleblowers' IP addresses.

Cyber Capabilities Of Terrorist Groups.

This report contains a comprehensive study on cyber capabilities of most popular terrorist groups.

Advanced Defense & Intelligence Solutions

Having an extensive knowledge in the field of information security and proactive intelligence, PRODAFT provides niche solutions for intelligence and law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

Proactive Defense Against Future Threats
Actionable Intelligence Through Deep-Web Sensors(Raven®)
Child Pornography Sensors on Clearweb and Deepweb

Defining the borders of Cyber Intelligence