Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions for Defense Industry

Defense companies are prime targets for advanced ransomware groups and government-backed hackers who seek to take advantage of the industry's secrecy for financial gain or political motives.

A worrying trend is the increasing targeting of individual employees within the industry. This is made easier through the use of "Malware-as-a-service" platforms, specifically designed to steal employees' corporate login information. These attacks are rising, and stolen credentials are highly valuable commodities traded among cybercriminals on hidden online forums.

Defense Industry's Critical Assets Draw Complex Cyber Threats

The needs and requirements for the cyber security of public sector institutions are different than those of private sector companies. Defense companies are entrusted with protecting sensitive information and critical assets, which makes them attractive targets for sophisticated hackers and organized crime groups.

In the defense industry, critical assets include everything from confidential military information and intelligence data to satellite communications networks and drones. Security lapses can easily lead to data loss or manipulation, disruption of operations, and even the disclosure of confidential information.

We at PRODAFT are actively involved in identifying vulnerabilities in widely used products to contribute to strengthening national security. This includes disseminating findings to relevant institutions and the global community, as much as raising awareness and promoting safety.
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Navigating Evolving Cybersecurity Challenges in the Defense Sector

As cybercriminals become more sophisticated in their techniques, the defense sector must stay one step ahead in order to protect its critical assets. In addition, the technology used by militaries and other defense organizations evolves rapidly, with new products being developed all the time.

Organizations in the industry need to be agile and adaptive when it comes to responding to evolving threats, as well as regularly assessing their own security systems for potential vulnerabilities. We provide comprehensive security solutions for the defense sector, allowing organizations to identify and address any potential risks before they become an issue.

Strengthen Your Defense Against Cyber Threats

The complexity of threats in the defense sector demands a comprehensive approach beyond isolated actions. We at PRODAFT combine threat intelligence, advanced detection & response, managed security services, and consultation to completely defend against cyber threats.

Over the past two years, our threat intelligence platforms detected thousands of compromised credentials related to high-end defense companies. We're able to alert companies of potential threats, including details such as which personnel's machines have been compromised and the types of malware used.

Our security solutions are tailored to each organization's needs, considering all relevant factors, including risk management, compliance, and security operations.
Threat Intelligence
Concerned about cyber threats targeting your defense organization? Count on us to provide you with comprehensive insights. Our threat intelligence service delivers in-depth reports, shedding light on the origins, impact, and severity of identified threats.

Powered by our Unified Security Threat Alliance (U.S.T.A.) platform, we integrate tactical, security, fraud, and brand protection intelligence, giving you a proactive edge in detecting and mitigating next-generation cyber threats. With PRODAFT, you're not just informed – you're fortified against evolving adversaries.
Risk Intelligence
Essential for identifying and mitigating threats in the defense sector, our risk intelligence service offers insights into your risk profile, as well as those of your vendors, and third and fourth parties.

Gain instant visibility into notorious threat actors’ infrastructures and their potential targets, enabling you to stay well-prepared. By anticipating their next move, you have the power to reduce risks before any attacks occur, allowing you to take proactive steps to safeguard your defense operations.

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