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Proactive defense against future threats

Proactive defense against future threats


Because attackers have no rules and are continuously developing new methods, the battle against cyber incidents must always be one step ahead of any potential threats. Focusing on the here and now makes it very challenging to keep pace with cybercrime.


Since 2012, PRODAFT has been a key solution provider for various critical sectors, including banking and finance, fintech, aviation, insurance, IoT, defense, and telecommunication. Due to the “customized” approach of our solutions, client turnover of PRODAFT is virtually nil, as we recognize the priorities and requirements unique to each industry.

Our commitment in this regard is the main reason behind PRODAFT’s popularity among high-profile organizations.


PRODAFT has become a trusted partner for hundreds of financial institutions, e-commerce vendors, payment gateways, aviation companies, insurance providers, power production companies, and various critical infrastructures



U.S.T.A. is one of the first cyber intelligence platforms ever developed. It features a unique synergy of threat intelligence, fraud intelligence, and brand protection modules.






To the point

Primarily used by incident response, security operations, fraud prevention, and brand protection teams in critical infrastructures, each U.S.T.A. module has been developed according to the following set of key principles.


PRODAFT offers customized and proactive approaches against constantly evolving cyber attack techniques.


Trusted by clients all over the world, PRODAFT focuses on repelling cyber threats with Swiss precision and neutrality.

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