PRODAFT provides cyber intelligence and cyber security services for many organizations from different sectors such as public institutions, banking and finance, insurance, telecommunication, aviation, and e-commerce.


Becoming the #1 security solution provider by producing innovative technologies globally.


We are awarded as one of the Europe's 100 most successful technology initiatives by the international media agency "Red Herring"

Our GPACT platform is awarded as "The best security product of the year" by the "Retailer Banker International"

PRODAFT has been selected as the National Winner of 'One to watch' representing Switzerland by the European Business Awards

PRODAFT is selected as one of the Swiss Cyber Security Companies on Swiss Artificial Intelligence Startup Map by Swisscom

We are the first company establishing the first advanced physical and digital penetration testing team (Red Team)

We rely on our know-how and experience instead of tools that produce automatic stereotyped results

We make the difference with our team consisting of experts in their own field

Core Values


All our products and services are developed by 100% domestic capital and self-production principle. We work with the passion of innovation in every step of the way to produce the best, the most effective, the most result-oriented, and the most inclusive solutions not only in today's world but also for the future.


We have a deep understanding of the active security policies and we aim to provide our customers a constant workflow by presenting essential notifications and taking precautions before threats occur.


We work with all our clients based on the highest level privacy principle. Discussions, trade correspondence,reports, test results, and the information obtained will be considered within this privacy policy.


We act legally, honestly and openly to each other and to the people we work with. At every decision, we are in line with PRODAFT's rules and principles. We follow facts and we are objective with our findings and suggestions.


By continuously training our employees with our knowledge and expertise we aim to grow the PRODAFT team from our own internal human resources.