Cyber Intelligence Network

Bringing together the cybersecurity capabilities of TI providers for a cyber-resilient future

Become a CIN Partner

Cyber attacks are becoming more complex, and information sharing is crucial to prevent major incidents. Unfortunately, many companies are averse to collaborating for fear of losing their know-how or competitive advantage. We strongly believe that sharing knowledge and experience with the rest of the TI community is a must to fight against cybercrime. This is the main reason we created CIN initiative.

CIN partner network enables TI companies to share their insights with their peers for fact-checking and feedback. We regularly share TTPs of cybercriminals to support research and keep one step ahead of the bad guys. Sharing through CIN network also eliminates misinformation and narrative difference based on limited knowledge about large-scale threat groups. TI companies can apply to join our CIN network. Due to the sensitivity of shared content within the network, we evaluate each application submitted to us thoroughly.