Cyber Security Training

As a top provider of customized cyber security services, PRODAFT offers training in the various required areas of information security with expert trainers.

PRODAFT works in line with the customer to create customized content for their specific needs


PRODAFT’s approach to cyber security training differs from the methods known throughout the IT industry. Above all, we tailor our training to each organization to enable all participants to share their professional and occupational difficulties freely without any concerns. This means that each training is customized for every client rather than the conventional open-classroom cyber security training more often given to audiences consisting of multiple organizations.

Each PRODAFT training is given by a recognized expert who has been focusing on the same field for several years and has published several articles.

PRODAFT abides by an indispensable set of key principles, regardless of the training subject:

  1. Each training is customized according to fundamental expectations and requirements of the client.
  2. Each training is given by a recognized expert, who has been focusing on the same field for several years and has published several articles.
  3. The trainer always observes the class, measures the overall level of know-how, and adjusts the technical nature of the topic accordingly.
  4. Balance of theory and practice is determined according to the requirements and requests of the organization.

Cyber Security Trainings

Introduction to web application security

Learn the fundamentals of web application security from experts of the field.

Advanced web application security

Methods of advancing further (both vertical and lateral movement techniques) in penetration tests.

Applied network security training

Hands-on network security training, using PRODAFT's network security lab.

Realistic security awareness training

An extremely well-rounded security awareness training, crafted specifically for the target audience.

Secure development with real-life examples

Adopt a hacker's perspective during development by going over previous high-profile hacking scenarios.

Applied penetration testing lab

An entirely practical web application security training, given by industry's leading experts.

Malware analysis

Everything you need to know about malware analysis and reverse engineering.